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K12 Lunches Admin
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Privacy Policy (v.1.2022)
K12 Lunches Inc. operates on North American servers. Data is retained either short term or long term and conforms to local and federal regulations.

K12 Lunches Inc. collects location data where applicable.

K12 Lunches Inc. collects information of the type of devices used to access its platform.

K12 Lunches Inc. does not sell any of the user information.

K12 Lunches Inc. does not retain student profiles from year to year.

The PAC has the ability to retain their individual food Vendor profiles to provide seamless integration year to year. A PAC which does not renew its membership is subject to their data being deleted from the K12 Lunches Inc. database.

Parents may download at any time during the membership year their students’ order history. Student information is not retained year to year.

Minimal student information is collected and it is only used to identify and match the student with their food order AND assist the Parent / PAC in administering the food program. At no time is identifying student information shared with outside 3rd parties.

K12 Lunches Inc. will retain data that does not identify students. This is to improve services and functionality of the K12 Lunches Inc. programs and software. This includes ordering frequency, type of food most ordered, accounting and auditing information etc.

K12 Lunches Inc. will not share data to 3rd parties except as required by law. K12 Lunches Inc. reserves the right to share select data for the purposes of improving its products, services and software. Which may include future offerings thru affiliates.

Student ratings (reviews) of food products and comments left for food Vendor feedback shall be retained and disseminated to improve food product offerings, food Vendor commitments to quality and provide feedback to PAC’s to improve hot lunch programs. Student names shall not be used, rather the name of the Parent on the profile along with the student’s grade will be used.

Food Vendor reviews will not be made public to outside parties, media or social media. They are intended to support the hot lunch program overall and increase usage to support the non-profits goal of raising funds for the school.

This Privacy Policy is subject to change without notice and must be acknowledged annually with enrollment or membership renewal.